Still laughing at the comprehension of the mobile and tablet market in hardware and software for personal technologies and the updates to Operating Systems and the ’ APP ’ lications all my old and used hardware needs not be smart like cell phones , tablet , and personal mobile devices and am finding better software and drivers for the same old hardware is making THE MOST FUNCTION of its intended use . Who programs using object oriented cut and paste Editors on their mobile devices ? Why with HTM5 has all the programming become this on the desktop anyway ? All of the countries that manufacture mobile hardware were using everything we now try to use in The Americas that was that advanced in the XIXth century. Who knew ? APPS and software and drivers were this advanced in the world ?

THE AKANA IUMOLA GROUP QUOTE OF THE DAY : Well thought Iakopa Iakepa Akana Iumola . Brilliant ed op for the internet and ringing your own bull bell . I am sure the group appreciates your opinion especially that Mister Jacob Joseph Akana Junior , cat . Good thing you and that Monsieur Jacques Joseph Akana Iumola runs the collective .  


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