The Creators of LA: Alie & Georgia

For the last seven months, self-taught photographer Megan McIsaac has been traveling the West Coast in an RV — a 1977 Toyota “Dolphin” — and gathering portraits of friends and creative types she met along the way. Now settled in Los Angeles, with a Mamiya c330 camera, McIsaac decided to document the community that’s inspired so much of her work: Tumblr. This is the first in an occasional series of photographic profiles.

Alie & Georgia

Once I moved to Los Angeles, it was hard to look past Alie and Georgia, the sweet lady duo behind the Cooking Channel’s new web series, “Classy Ladies With Alie & Georgia.” The two women are best friends turned cocktail connoisseurs, and can always be found at the best local bars in their beautiful vintage frocks.

What’s your favorite cocktail concoction of the moment?

Alie: I personally love 1) Bad puns 2) drinking vegetables 3) blending the fuck out of things. We just made a blended drink called a “Can’t Beet a Gin-ger Fizz” and it’s earthy and spicy and herby and I love it.

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