Next week, activists, celebrities, candidates, journalists, and other interested citizens will descend on Tampa, FL for the Republican National Convention; a few days later, Charlotte, NC will welcome the Democratic Convention’s counterparts. Tumblr will be on the ground with them. With 77 days to go until election day here in the US, today we’re kicking off a host of opportunities for you to follow the developments and get behind the scenes of the political process.

Six Tumblr bloggers will have the chance to experience the conventions first-hand. Follow for their exclusive coverage of the sights, sounds, personalities, protests, politics, and parties in Tampa and Charlotte.

If you’re local, we’d love to see you at one of our official meetups when we’re in town. We’re hosting a DJ block party in Tampa and a convention-watch party in Charlotte.

For broader election coverage from the Tumblrverse between now and November 6, track the Election 2012 tag.

If there’s something you’d like to see our bloggers cover from the conventions, please send tips to via Fan Mail. And, in case you haven’t yet registered to vote, you’ll find a link for that on the convention/election blog too!

Oh yes in addition to all my important dogshaming work I’ve been prepping for a trip to Tampa for the Republican convention. SUGGESTIONS WELCOME.

This is fantastic.


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